Argentinian stage director. He grew up in Buenos Aires where he studied to become a theater director in the UNA (National University of Arts of Argentina).  His proffesional life started in the buzzing Buenos Aires’ independent scene where he directed pieces of well-known author (Blood Wedding) as well as of his own authorship (Seguridad) for which he earned national prizes.
Following a long desire to approach the work of Théâtre du Soleil in Paris, he moved into the french capital to take a closer look at the functioning of an stable long running theater company. Now a Berlin based artist he leads his own company, Compagnie des Wanderers, between Berlin, Paris and Buenos Aires, constantly traveling for residences in situ.

During the last two years he has been in constant cooperation with Tatwerk studio in Berlin, where he has performed, organized residencies and taught courses. The cooperation with the studio has been an essential support for his integration in the Berlin’s off scene.

During two years Federico was a student and assistant in the classes of Peter Rose’s learning Grotowski’s techniques for the development of body/voice. He will continue to teach the course on his own this year.

Federico is also now organizing a series of workshops exploring the possible links of narration on stage and physical action while developping a working and research group in Berlin. He’s also beginning together with Marie Yan the rehearsals for his new piece : Artes moriendi – ways of dying to be presented in the Performing Arts Festival in Berlin this year.