Argentinian stage director. I grew up in Buenos Aires where I studied to become a theater director in the UNA (National University of Arts of Argentina).  My professional life started in the buzzing independent scen of Buenos Aires’where I directed pieces of well-known author (Blood Wedding, Federico García Lorca) as well as of his own authorship (Seguridad) for which he earned national prizes.

Now a Berlin based artist I founded the production label: « Compagnie des Wanderers » that works between Berlin, Paris and Buenos Aires.

My last production Artes Moriendi- ways of dying (a celebration party on the topic of death) premiered in the Performing Arts Festival in Berlin 2018, in collaboration with a Dog’s heart theater (UK-Berlin).

During the last three years I have been in constant cooperation with « TatWerk, Performative Research » in Berlin, where he has performed, directed, organized residencies and taught courses now there a resident artist of the Studio Atelier.

With an interest in production I am working for « Rimini Protokoll » as production assistant and producer tour of « Granma, trombones of Havana » a documentary theater performance that traces the history of the Cuban revolution until contemporary times.

I also work as a trainer and has led courses on body-voice technique of Jerzy Grotowski’s work continuing the work of this teacher Peter Rose.