Cuento de Verano


The film takes place on an island in the Tigre, a delta region in Argentina. There lives a small community of young people who have decided to abandon the chaos of the big city for a quieter life on the island. At this parallel universe, arrives Jenny, a transexual woman who has decided to withdraw from society for an undefined time.

On the island Jenny meets Tomás, who is twelve years old has grown up in the delta and has never been in the city before. That year will be his last summer on the island before moving away to start school. Tomás and Jenny start an unexpected friendship together and Tomás introduces Jenny to her world. At the same time Jenny starts becoming more and more a mother figure for Ailín, a two years old girl whose mother cannot deal with the responsibilities of being a mother. And so it happens that three of them will spend that last unique summer together.

The movie is a fleeting portrait, a tale, of what that time was like.

Show history:

• 4th of February 2012 // Avant-premiere // Sala Teatral AbranCancha // Buenos Aires
• 25th April  2012 // Premiere // Casa Brandon // Buenos Aires
• 28th June 2012 // Showing in the frame of the LGBT Pride day // Casa Brandon // Buenos Aires
• 15th September 2012 //  Showing in the art cycle Arengas Casa Brandon // Buenos Aires

Performers: Maiamar Abrodos (Jenny), Francisco Gallinal (Tomás), Pablo Caracciolo (Sebastián), Martín Aletta (Pedro), Adrían Pizzurno (José), Arikitai Rayo (Ana), Lilen Hunt (Ailín)
Direction: Federico Schwindt
Director of photography and camera: Agustín de Torres
Sound recording and sound editing: Alejandro Forero
Art direction: Florencia Buraschi,Pablo Pagés.
Direction assistance: Victoria Tenca, Agustín Svarz
Editing: Agustín Svarz
Color post processing: Agustín de Torres