In a multi-language episodic recount, Federico Vöcks de Schwindt and his Ensemble explore simultaneously with lightness and dark humor, a world in which each step its characters take is influenced and exploited by the market.

„Alright so here we are in front of the elephants.
The cool thing about these guys is that they have really, really, really long trunks.
And that’s, that’s cool. And that is pretty much all there is to say.“

These are the first words ever to be spoken on YouTube. They belong to a 18 seconds long video uploaded in 2005 in which a man in a zoo stands in front of the elephant’s cage and speaks these words into a camera. From our perspective today these words could be understood as an unintentional manifesto for the future of the online video platform. Since then YouTube has become of one the biggest players in the attention economy. In the logic of the platform everything: violent scenes, extreme political positions, human suffering and joy, fake news, the unboxing of a product or images of natural catastrophes become an excuse to sell advertisement.
EPISODIO is inspired from the paralysing feeling of emptiness and confusion that can be felt after spending hours being led by an algorithm from one video to the next. How does the logics and discourses of the neoliberal market manage to infiltrate our personal narratives of the world? What is reality? What are only videos? Where are the limits?

Federico Vöcks de Schwindt and his ensemble develop with lightness and dark humor an episodic multi-language recount, that through associative interconnections leads us through the life fragments of a series of characters. Sometimes tragically, sometimes absurdly, these characters try to find their way in a world in which each step is inevitably influenced and exploited by the market. Life is the new normal!

Show history:

  • Upcoming Performances // PREMIERE 1. MAI – TD BERLIN //

Artistic direction and staging: Federico Vöcks de Schwindt
Performance: Alan Ciwan, Gabriela Turano, Emiliano Passaro, Tanja Watoro
Dramaturgical assistance: Ricardo Leandro Sarmiento
Costume and Set: Maja Avnat
Light design: Wenzel Vöcks de Schwindt
Direction assistance: Ailin Formia
Songs: Gabriela Turano
Artistic Contributions: Ricardo ‘Sabandija’ Richards